A good driver is always prepared. Having a car emergency kit, a spare tire, booster cables, and a means of inflation of a tires is important. Breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere. If the big one hits, be sure to have your car earthquake kit ready, because you cannot rely on others to save you. Emergency services will be overwhelmed, and you can take the pressure off them by not being a victim.

You need to survive the first 72 hours, and a car survival kit is key. Also make a list of family and friends out of town that you might visit or contact if your town is destroyed. Phones may be down initially, but outside of the disaster area, you should be able to get word out.

Having a good car survival kit is a good source of peace of mind. Stuff happens, but when you have your car earthquake kit in the back of your vehicle, you have insurance for things that could go wrong. Even more if you have your loved ones with you. Knowing they are protected is essential. Consider combining your car survival kit with a Survivormate Quake 2-Person Deluxe Kit. You might consider this a lot, but what price can you put on the safety of your loved ones?