Survivormate Bestseller Christmas Gift Ideas under $50 and over $50

Car Emergency Flashlight ( $29.95) Gift under $50                        

First of all, it is a mom’s must have Survivormate Bestseller Christmas Gift Ideas in their wishlists. Probably  one of the best gift that you can buy for under $30. In Addition, you never know when you need it due to a vehicle accident or severe weather condition. A truly Bestseller pick because of its functionality.

Car Emergency Flashlight
Survivormate Bestseller Christmas Gift Ideas

Furthermore, the heavy duty car emergency flashlight has a magnetic base and a highly visible strobe and flood light. In additon, it also comes with poly-carbon auto glass window breaker,siren and seat belt cutter.  Finally, the device is operated by double A batteries that is included. FREE SHIPPPING  until Nov. 10, 2016. Customers can buy the product in our webshop using the link,

2.Deluxe Digital Crank AM/FM Radio ( $59.95) – Gift over $50                                          
Another Survivormate
  Bestseller Christmas Gift Idea for your loved ones and friends.             
The Deluxe Digital Crank AM/FM Radio hence a  truly emergency preparedness buddy! While additional features are flashlight, siren and blinker the device becomes very useful in every emergency situations. 

Deluxe Digital Crank Radio with Attachments
Deluxe Crank AM/FM Radio with Flashlight
Survivormate Bestseller Christmas Gift Ideas

Furthermore, the device comes with a 3 LED bulb flashlight, siren with blinker and cell phone charger attachments. The attachments are compatible with Android, Iphone 4 and 5 and a USB.  Since the device glows in the dark you can easily find it. There is no external adaptor needed since it is generated by crank dynamo.  A user friendly  manual is also included.  FREE SHIPPING  until  Nov. 10, 2016. Customers can buy the product in our webshop using the link,

3. Solar Phone Charger 5000 mAh ( $49.95) – Gift under $50                                                    
Another Moms and Dads Survivormate Bestseller Christmas Gift Ideas Pick not only for Christmas but throughout the year. In addition, customers can have peace of mind up to 72 hours of charge time. 

Solar Power Charger
Survivormate Bestseller Christmas Gift Ideas

The device is also compatible with Android, Iphone 4 and 5 and comes with USB attachment and a mini flashlight. Furthermore, it is water resistant and shockproof. Customers can benefit from getting a wireless freedom and recharging for more than 500 cylces. A user friendly manual is also included. FREE SHIPPING  until Nov. 10, 2016.  Customers can buy the product in our webshop using the link,

4. Auto Emergency Kit ( $149.95) – Gift over $50                                                                                  
Moms No. 1 pick for Survivormate Bestseller Christmas Gift Ideas. The Auto kit as one of the most thoughtful gifts  parents can give to thier children
. Finally, in the event of any  emergencies your Auto kit will keep you fed and comfortable in your vehicle for  more than     72 – hours. 

Auto Emergency Kit
Survivormate Bestseller Christmas Gift Ideas

Yet there is no doubt the this is probably one of the best Christmas gift idea you can truly give. While the cost of the product  is only $0.45 per day in five years it is rather affordable. FREE SHIPPING until Nov. 10, 2016. Customers can buy the product in our webshop using the link,



More than 19 million worldwide are set to participate Thursday in the Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, an annual event that promotes earthquake preparedness.

At 10:20 a.m. local time, participants in homes, schools and businesses will practice the “drop, cover and hold on” drill, which involves dropping to the ground, crawling for cover under a nearby desk or table and holding on securely until the earthquake stops.

The ShakeOut began in Southern California and has since grown to include participants across the USA and in Japan, Southern Italy, New Zealand and parts of Canada.

“The number one thing is getting people to take action before earthquakes,” said Mark Benthien, global coordinator of Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills. “We’re trying to get ahead of it a little bit and not require a damaging earthquake to motivate people.”

Thursday is International ShakeOut Day, but people can hold ShakeOut drills any day of the year. More than 52 million people around the world are participating in a ShakeOut Earthquake Drill of some kind in 2016, with more than 19 million participating on Thursday.

Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills are organized by state, regional, and federal governments, as well as educational institutions in coordination with the Southern California Earthquake Center.



• Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety, and losses that accompany disasters.
Communities, families, and individuals should know what to do in the event
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• This guide was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
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Survivormate Quake 3-Day Emergency Kit• Used in conjunction with information and instructions from local emergency
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what you need to be prepared.