Survivormate Emergency Kits

Survivormate Emergency KitsSurvivormate is pleased to provide you, our valued customer, with realistic emergency kits that will get you through a traumatic situation. Whether you are trapped by an earthquake, lost in the woods, or had your vehicle end up in a gully or a ravine and nobody has seen you go over, our easy-to-use “grab and go” bags will have all the emergency supplies to help you get through your situation. There is nothing you need to do but to bring your Survivormate bags with you.Our Survivormate kits are designed by Canadian military survival specialists. The contents of the kits will get you through the crucial time frame in the event of an emergency situation. Our company strives to provide the best grab and go emergency kits with contents that will keep you warm, fed, watered with an added sense of security at the fairest price in this industry.

Survivormate Auto – Automobile Emergency Kit

Survivormate Auto KitSurvivormate Auto is a reliable, and easy to use, “grab and go” automobile emergency kit for any situation when your vehicle gets trapped off the road or stuck out in the wild. It includes a set of very useful tools to help you get through an automobile emergency. Continue reading »

Survivormate Quake – Earthquake Emergency Kits

Survivormate Quake 2-Person KitSurvivormate Quake is a reliable, and easy to use, “grab and go” earthquake emergency kit that is essential for getting through earthquake disasters. Continue reading »

Survivormate Trekker – Hiking Emergency Kit

Survivormate Trekker KitSurvivormate Trekker is a versatile hiking emergency kit that is very helpful for anybody getting lost off the hiking trail or in the woods. Continue reading »

Survivormate Critter Kids Kit

Survivormate Critter Kids Kit - PinkSurvivormate Critter Kids Kit - Blue

“Grab and Go” children’s emergency kit. Critter Kids comes in blue for boys or pink for girls. Continue reading »