Hyzyme Natural Septic Tank Treatment

Hyzyme is available in 600g containers

Protection from
Harmful Bacteria


An entirely natural aid for sewage and waste treatment. It is made up of selective bacteria and enzymes which enhance the natural decomposition process of waste in septic tank systems, grease traps, and drainage systems. The enzymes help restore peak efficiency of the drainage system and septic tank by boosting the natural biological process.

Hyzyme Natural Septic Tank Treatment comes in the form of a fragrant lemon powder and is activated by adding a small amount of warm water for a few minutes or by simply pouring down the sink, toilet, or drain.

Advantages of Hyzyme

  • Restores the balance of friendly bacteria
  • Reduces foul odours
  • Digests fats and grease from pipes And drains
  • Breaks down solids in septic tanks
  • Overcomes regular drain blockages due to waste obstruction
  • Improves waste quality
  • Safe as it is non-toxic, non-caustic or acidic, and non-corrosive
  • Harmless to children, animals (including fish), and vegetable life
  • Simple to use and cannot be overdosed as the enzymes adjust to the right level