Premium 3-Person 3-Day Emergency Kit


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Premium  3-Person 3-Day Emergency Kit


35 cm × 23 cm × 32 cm • 11 kg

Survivormate Quake is concise, reliable, and easy to use, “grab and go”  emergency kit that is essential for getting through emergencies. Quake three-person emergency kit is packaged in a durable water-resistant and insulated bag with adjustable shoulder strap and additional handle.

    Food and Water

  • (x3) 3600 Kcal vegetarian food bars, military grade (Up to 5-year shelf life)
  • (x27) 125 mL purified water pouches, military grade (Up to 5-year shelf life)
  • (x6) Dry soup packs
  • (x6) Tea bags
  • (x6) Sugar packs

    Food Equipment

  • (x3) Collapsible water bottles
  • (x30) Water Purification Tablets
  • (x2) Enamel mugs
  • (x1) Miniature camp stove
  • (x18) Fuel tablets
  • (x2) Ziploc bags


  • (x3) Rain ponchos
  • (x3) Space blankets

    First Aid & Hygiene

  • (x1) Family first aid kit (138 pcs.)
  • (x3) Dust Masks
  • (x18) Moist towelettes
  • (x9) Magic towels
  • (x1) Toothpaste
  • (x3) Toothbrushes
  • (x2) Bar of soap
  • (x1) Shampoo
  • (x6) Feminine pads
  • (x1) Bathroom tissue


  • (x1) Crank AM/FM radio with LED flashlight, cell phone charger, and hailing siren. We suggest you use your own phone charger to charge your phone.
  • (x2) Mini 9 bulb LED flashlights
  • (x1) Work leather gloves
  • (x1) Roll of duct tape
  • (x2) Packs of waterproof matches
  • (x2) 12-hour candle in a tin can
  • (x1) 20 ft. rope
  • (x3) Garbage bags
  • (x1) Pocket knife
  • (x3) Whistles with lanyard
  • (x1) Durable water resistant bag with adjustable and padded shoulder strap
  • (x1) Survival guide

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Weight 10.8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 32 × 23 cm